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PPC Management

Grow Your Digital Presence through Paid Advertising today!!

Looking for a team of experts who know paid advertising like the back of their hands, you’ve undoubtedly come to the right place…

Growthype is a full-service digital marketing and paid advertising services provider renowned for unique marketing tactics with result-driven strategies.


Data-Driven Pay Per Click Advertising Agency!!

Take your Online Presence to the next level with an intuitive paid advertising campaign targeting those that want to know your brand the most.

We are a group of dedicated ad managers that values quality work and meaningful results. Our team is passionate about promoting and growing your businesses through our data-driven, well-researched and well-executed strategies that suit your company's needs & meet your business goals.

Why Make Growthype your PPC Management Agency?

With our paid advertising services & easy-to-understand live reports, you too can take the guesswork out of determining your return on investments, & track money spent including, but not limited to return on ad spend (ROAS), link clicks and more!

We not only collect but analyse & report the data so that you can understand what was executed, researched & performed, what didn’t, & how we plan & execute our advertising strategies to improve the results moving forward.


Quality Work

We are an innovative team of certified professionals, who are experts in digital paid advertising and passionate about offering high-quality work for meaningful results.

Why Advertise with us?

Unique Strategies

We are your team of experts when it comes to growing your business through pay-per-click advertising and digital marketing. With our unique advertising strategies and technology, we understand where to find your ideal audience.

Boost Your business with us!!

Our Google Certified Ads Specialis

Your campaign deserves to be handled by the creative team!!

We are a creative team of experts in digital advertising, targeting your real audience with custom ads to reach as many people as possible to grow brand awareness, increase sales, and grow by rolling out the PPC Strategy, result-oriented, well-researched and well-executed.

Use Our Paid Advertising Services to Grow your Businesses!!

One of the best ways to reach the most interested in your brand is Paid Advertising. Our Team target your ideal audience with custom ads to reach as many people as possible to boost sales & convert customers.

Google Ads

Google Ads helps you grow your businesses in front of your ideal audience when they are actively searching for the products and services like yours.


Use paid advertising to re-engage those who have previously interacted with your brand on mobile or desktop and build a digital presence.

Social Media Ads

Take your brand to the next level with our intuitive social media campaigns offering great options for targeting ads or content to those that want to see your brand.

Youtube Ads

Use the world’s #1 video streaming platform to display rich and aesthetically pleasing content and reach your potential customers and find new ones, boost website visits, get more purchases.

Amazon Ads

Grow your business through the world's largest marketplace to your business growth and reach those who show high purchase intent just being there.


Our dedicated Ads managers know the ins and outs of digital advertising and will provide you with the real-life experience & knowledge that you need most.

How It Works?

It all begins with an analysis of your Brand’s digital presence. Our marketers not only create a comprehensive marketing report but analyse how your marketing efforts are having an impact so that we can focus our marketing strategies to boost your digital presence & meet your business goals.

We believe in quality work and hard work that delivers meaningful results. We create data-driven marketing strategies for the next-level intuitive advertising campaigns targeting those who want to see your product or service the most & therefore coverts, boost sales and grow your businesses.

When it comes to finding the right channels, it’s all about having the right platforms in play with the right content for each channel for the right audience. After that it is the know-how of the advertising manager that makes all the impression. This is the secret formula for business growth our marketers know and you’re after!

We know the digital landscape back to front and how to navigate to deliver data-driven results. Our team targets those who are actively looking for your business and find the most value in your brand. We have wide wide variety of advertising services, from Google Ads, to Social Media Advertising, our experts have you covered!!

We create a comprehensible live report on your business goals but that’s only the beginning. Our advertising experts not only collect but format & analyse reports on the data so that you can understand our marketing strategies and what executed and worked to improve the results of the campaigns.

How do you know the effectiveness of campaigns? Our live reporting helps you take the guesswork out of determining the success of your marketing strategy and track where your marketing budget is spent. This ensures that we maximise your ROI & constantly modify as needed.

Paid Advertising through Google Ads for Meaningful Results!!

Show up at the very moment when they’re searching for the businesses like yours - not only on Google Search, but on e-commerce websites, news websites, YouTube, and more.

Gone are the days of lavishing your marketing budget on ad placements that offer no meaningful results. Your brand deserves to connect with those who wish to know more about your products and services.

Google displays ads to the right people, at the right time & in the right place. Your brand can appear on Google at the very moment someone is looking for the things you offer.

Digital Display Ads

These Ads reach more than 90% of Internet users globally, across millions of digital platforms, such as news pages, YouTube, Gmail, Google and more.

Shopping Ads

With Shopping Ads, You can show off and sell products to the shoppers who want to see your products the most - those looking for what you offer, whether they’re searching from home

App Ads

With App advertising Campaigns, you can promote your iOS or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, and more. Our Paid advertising service will optimise your App ads to reach the audience as many as possible.

Search Ads

Show off your brand not just on Google but everywhere like eCommerce websites, youtube, news websites and many more. Be the first priority for customers actively looking for businesses like yours.

Why Advertise Your Brand With Us?

We are a dedicated team of Google-certified specialists who know digital advertising like the back of their hands. From Google to Youtube, to Instagram to LinkedIn, To Amazon, we have the knowledge to run an intuitive campaign that wows your audience and converts.

If you’re looking for data-driven and meaningful results with no shortcuts, you’ve come to the right digital advertising agency. Our ads managers believe in quality work and hard work with unique advertising strategies designed to meet your business goals.

Our ads managers always follow your marketing plan for predictable ad spending and sales increases, Return on Ad Spend, cost per lead, purchases, link clicks, purchases, Cost per action, and more to keep your instinctive campaign running smoothly.

By combining data-driven marketing strategy, aesthetically pleasing ad content and more. Our ads managers ensure our unique marketing strategy provides the maximum ROI and sale increases, meets your specific business goals and grows your business.

60 - 80% of visitors to your website may leave your site without making a decision about spending money on your product or services. With the retargeting on Platforms like Google or Pinterest, remind those visitors of your product or services & it values to them.

Our artistic content creators design creative assets including text, images and videos that attract more and more visitors and are simply displayed so as to best fit your campaigns, ads destinations and boost the odds of conversion.

Digital advertising is the most measurable & meaningful result-driven aspect of marketing in the world. Be it - Google or a social media advertising platform, measurement is very easy & invites optimization, invites analysis, invites optimization breeds success and more.

Expect more than a report from our digital advertising specialists. You will receive a report on the data so that you can take the guesswork out of determining the success of your advertising strategy, your ROAS, your sale increases, link clicks and more.